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Spread the joy! =) Remember, you deserve to be happy!

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Hii~!! So I had some merch that I already have 2 copies of and my lovely friend gave me some of her stuff that she doesn’t need anymore so I decided to have a haul giveaway :D does that even make sense? But it’s a bunch of stuff so i might as well call it a haul or w/e. 

There will be 3 winners

  • 1st place - 12 items they want, first pick
  • 2nd place - 9 items that want, second pick
  • 3rd place -  5 items, the rest of the merch that is left


Bigbang CDS and DVD sets

  • Extraordinary 20’s DVD+polariods set (first limited edition)
  • Alive making 2012 DVD set
  • 2010 bigshow DVD set
  • GD&TOP album
  • Special edition CD
  • Alive album
  • GD coup de’ tat album
  • 2011 bigshow live concert CD
  • Volume 2 REMEMBER album
  • 3rd mini album STAND UP
  • Beautiful hangover album
  • Japan single Volume 3 Koe wo kikasete


  • Monster clear file
  • 2 TOP socks and 1 Seungri sock (winners can pick individually)
  • VIP crown headband
  • pen and pencil set
  • 12 postcards with 4 stickers set
  • card holder
  • TOP 100 mini photocards set


  • GD one of a kind hoodie (size m)
  • Boy London official sweatshirt (size m)
  • Alive Galaxy tour shirt


  • TOP Monster banner (this is legit 3/4 the size of a door)
  • TOP love song banner

~click photos to enlarge~

The rules are:

  • You don’t have to be following me, because I’m not doing this to gain followers, but i’ll appreciate it if you do ^^
  • You can also check out my instagram if you like to, but again you don’t need to follow me if you don’t want to :)
  • You can only reblog it ONCE (don’t need to reblog it directly from me)
  • Likes will count as another entry. So you are able to reblog it once AND like it! :D (MAXIMUM OF 2 ENTRIES)
  • I’ll copy this onto excel and if you reblog it more than once, you will be disqualify
  • This giveaway ends on May 18th , 2014 6:00PM EST
  • Yes, i do ship internationally for all the worldwide VIPS
  • keep your ask box open just in case you win and if you do win, you have 24 hours to reply or else another winner will be chosen.

good luck to you all! ^^

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happy birthday kim soo hyun!

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Yesterday meant a lot to me, my family, my community, my city, my country. Elections 2013. Never have I ever been this interested in my country’s affairs before. I feel discouraged, and quite sad that it appears Imran Khan won’t be getting the seat of prime minister after all, even though I, and thousands others, firmly believe if anyone deserves it, it’s him. Instead, it appears that Nawaz Shariff will be getting it instead. The highly prized seat. This is absolutely disgraceful. That man is a crook. If I could get a cent for every argument which stated why he shouldn’t be prime minister, I’d be rich, but still not as rich as him, who exploits his the people of his country who he claims to serve. I can’t believe this is happening, I don’t want to. Our country had hope, for once. Nevertheless, one mustn’t forget how amazing PTI’s campaign was, as it brought thousands together. Now, we stand together. We stand united. We now understand what mustn’t be accepted in our country. We now have a voice. We won’t stand back, we’ll still support PTI’s leader, and hope he gains the seat he truly deserves someday. The actions MQM performed today were truly disturbing, disgusting, unfair, and unjustified. I have no words to explain how much it pains me to see the actions of those who wish to rule the country. The example they set is truly amazing. Believing the end justifies the mean.
 All I can do now, is hope. The votes are still being counted, the more NA seats for PTI, the better.
What’s important now is, supporting IK, till the very end, and not letting the unity among his supporters diminish. We are prepared to fight.


Never been prouder of my nation. Except for the fools who believe they can get their way through unfair, and unjustified means, but nevertheless, the spirit being shown by many is truly remarkable, and inspiring :)

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Finals are right around the corner. Have some calming manatee to make everything better. <3

By the time I got to the end of these I felt actual emotions :(

Life advice from manatees. Everything is better now

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boys over flowers


boys over flowers

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